Petyr Grey

Half-elf investigator


5’10". Skinny/lean. Dark brown hair, blue-grey eyes. 26-looking.

Clothes: tattered dark-brown jacket. Piratey-esque. Tan slacks and leather boots.


Petyr grew up in the Varisian city Magnimar.

For a few years (4-5), he had been working for the the city, investigating crimes with his keen observational skills, and was gaining some renown.

Eventually, he earned the opportunity to work undercover to gather information on the Red Mantis Assassins Guild, a ruthless group of assassins murdering officials and emissaries traveling from Varisia to Casmaron. Here he uncovered collusion between members of Magnimari government officials— unfortunately, however, he couldn’t learn any specific names.

When he returned from his mission, he confided in his good friend and fellow investigator Petyr Thorne that he was beginning an investigation into who could be so corrupt in his city. This proved to be an obvious mistake when Petyr drew his sword and tried to kill Finn. By luck, and perhaps the grace of some god, he managed to escape using a smoke bomb that he had happened to have tinkered and created earlier that day.

He fled south, to the Whore Island of Quent, burning through his small fortune on women and booze. But before long, he couldn’t escape the feeling that he was being watched, stalked even, and he made the rash decision to spend the rest of his money for charter on the merchant ship The Jenivere, hoping to find piece of mind perhaps somewhere inland, while he tries to sort out the predicament he’s found himself in.

Petyr Grey

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