(p 61) Honor-bound. Sword for hire-looking brute.


Looks scruffy and unkempt except for the beautiful Masterwork Katana

Died on Smuggler’s Shiv, but was then pulled off of the pyre the party created for him and resurrected, a result of which was severely hindering the ability to use his right leg. He grew concerned about his role in the party thereafter as just walking became a very belaboring endeavor.

He traveled with the party to Eleder where they met Andrew Merriman, who immediately took to the man and offered him the keys to his townhouse so he could housesit while he stayed in Sandpoint.


Ishirou grew up on his father’s ship, but grew to resent
what he felt was a stolen childhood—he saw how
those who stayed in one location set down roots,
grew rich, and established empires. In a foolish
attempt to force his family to settle down, young
Ishirou stole down to the waterfront and lit
his father’s ship on fire, only to watch in
horror and shame as his father heroically
leapt aboard the ship and tried to save it.


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