Alton Devers

Horribly burnt and disfigured ghost


Former first mate of the Jenivere.

He was a very hard worker, and was exceptionally courteous to each and every passenger on the ship. He knew that one day his hard work will pay off and he would make a fine captain one day.

Only Voltanthius Tuch can see/hear him. He doesn’t have a handle on all of this ghost business yet, he just has a strong tie to the person who took his life.


Died saving the PCs and the survivors of the Jenivere after a falling out with Captain Alizandru Kovack caused the ship to wreck upon Smuggler’s Shiv.

When Content Not Found: volt set Aerys Mavato’s Abendego Cantos, and thus the Jenivere, he managed to kill Alton, who was clinging to life, holed up in the chef’s quarters, fending off an attack from a sea-scorpion.

Alton Devers

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