Aerys Mavato

(p 59) Pretty half-elf, often found wearing a tricorn hat and rearing for a fight


Wants to captain her own ship. She is very pretty, but knows that people won’t take her seriously if she acknowledges it. Blue eyes, dark hair, and tanned skin.


After her marooning on the island she returned to the ship to discover that her lover Alton Devers had been killed in the wreck. Stricken by her fantastic grief, she went to her room to collect her epic poem that she’d been working on for the great majority of her life. Upon pushing past Content Not Found: volt to get to the room, he got annoyed by her insistence and lit her work on fire.

Gripped with madness, she took off after him with a sword, but as fate had it, his cunning bluff made it so his companions didn’t believe her accusations. She left the party consumed by sorrow and hatred, swearing revenge.

Aerys Mavato

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